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therun spacer The Run
by Silvia Cinca

Beginning with stories of her ancestors and her own childhood, Cinca weaves a superb account of the ups and downs of her life with unfaltering wisdom and an eye for detail in her observations of daily life. Reflecting on personal experiences - her flee from Communism in Romania, her subsequent move to Greece, and finally her struggle for happiness in America, Cinca develops a grand perspective in her text that ponders the meaning of existence, spirtuality, the differences between cultures, the importance of family, friends, love, and religion. Relying heavily on the support of her family and friends, her spiritual and religious beliefs, and especially her love of writing, Cinca learned to create happiness in her daily life, and she shares those lessons with readers. As a mother, daughter, sister, wife, immigrant, and artist, Cinca's wisdom seems infinite; her struggles and "run" through life are sure to hit home with readers concerned with the value of true happiness.

(Bethany Halliday - Editor, Washington, DC)

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